Hey, you found us, very groovy! 

So we are getting the site updated and arranged. We're not totally
there yet, but we're moving in that direction.  

Hippe DNA is a veteran owned and operated small business. Our 
"base camp" is located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We're your 
typical hippies and we're always on the move.  

We've been making and designing our tie-dye for over 15 years and 
after some encouragement from some of our close friends and family, 
we finally started our business.  

Requests are welcome! We'll have a form finished shortly. We do have 
day jobs M-F like most responsible folks; whatever that means these 
days.  Prices are really driven by supply costs and how crazy of an
item you want; we'll let you know what we are thinking when we chat.  
Bottom line is getting you a cool tie dye that will last you a good 
amount of time.  

We are posting stuff online and do seem to get a good amount of 
responce.  Please visit our eBay store at: Hippie_DNA

Again, thanks for visiting, David and Amy (DNA)

 E-mail: hippiedna.groovy@gmail.com

Some of Our Designs (coming soon)
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2024